Cancer prevention project

Promoting a Cancer-Fighting Lifestyle You Can Actually Follow

together, WE can fight cancer

The CPP is a 501c3 nonprofit

and a group of individuals that serve to raise awareness and promote the role of a healthy lifestyle full of activities to help fight cancer. These include food, physical activity, and healthy habits, and all three elements make up the important components of our lifestyle to help fight cancer recurrence and cancer prevention.

The Cancer Prevention Project Team

Fighting cancer with a healthy lifestyle - one battle at a time

christian champ

Vice President
Christian is a Director at THL Credit Senior Loan Strategies in Chicago. He valued healthy foods and exercise at an early age and, since his retirement from beach volleyball, spends his free time in the gym or on his bike.

Jennifer Calihan

Board Member
Jenni holds a Human Biology degree from Stanford and a Dartmouth MBA. She created the Pittsburgh-based non-profit,, to start a mother-to-mother conversation about diet and health.

jon roiter

Board Member
Jon is a member of GMO’s asset allocation group in Boston. He has surfed beaches around the world and embodies the importance of exercise and healthy physical activities.

Mary O’Donohue

Board Member
As a former producer for the Oprah Winfrey Show and current media coach, Mary comes to the CPP with a wealth of knowledge. Combined with her passion for a healthy lifestyle, she is a vital member of our team.

Colin Champ

Founder and President
Colin researches the link between diet, exercise, and cancer as an oncologist at the University of Pittsburgh. He spends his free time cooking, reading, writing, and engaging in outdoor activities.

Decker Walker

Board Member
Decker, a former Rhodes Scholar, leads agribusiness for the Boston Consulting Group and comes to the CPP with significant agriculture and business background. He spends his free time in Chicago.

Conquering Cancer with Cuisine

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